Monday, 20 January 2014

The Budget Brush Buy: Real Techniques Dupes

So I recently purchased these brushes from eBay for the bargain price of £2.89. They're essentially Real Techiniques dupes and come in the same shades as the Real Techniques ones too making them pretty identical. I, however, decided to get them in blue as I wasn't too keen on them just looking 'fake'. 

There are 7 pieces in the set, each of which is quite small and easily make-up bag sized which I like. The spoolie and brow brush are really handy to have in my set as well. The brushes aren't named, but the miniature foundation brush (1st left) has already had some used as a handbag sized powder / blush applicator which suit it just fine! The set also includes an eyeshadow brush, angled brush, eyeshadow sponge applicator and detail brush. All of the brushes are very soft and synthetic which gets a thumbs up from me, the only downside is application is a bit tricky because getting things to stick to them is a bit of a struggle. 

They aren't amazing, but for £2.89 I don't see a problem in adding these to my collection! They have loads of other bargain brushes for sale so definitely worth checking our their eBay store!



  1. I bought those dupes, but only face brushes and they still serve me amazing. And so cheap:))

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  4. so cute omg love the color of these brushes :) so cute!

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