Saturday, 1 February 2014

Weekly Round-up #1

I am in a bit of a 'feeling-sorry-for-myself' state at the moment, so I do apologise if this post appears a little depressing.

I wanted to start putting weekly round-ups on here following my not-so-interesting life. I figured it would be nice for me to look back on in time!

So this week I was 23 weeks pregnant, 24 weeks today. My little man has been super active this week and a visit to my midwife yesterday confirmed he has been upside down and a little to the side which made a lot of sense as the majority of kicks this week have been close to my right ribs! This also explains why walking anywhere makes me really need to pee! (TMI?) I think my iron stores have taken a turn for the worse as I have been exhausted this week. Last night I fell asleep at 8pm - wild Friday, eh? I've also been waking up from nightmares pretty much every single night. Not too pleased with my night-time brain activity at the moment! The worst is when you wake up, realise its a nightmare and fall asleep straight back in to it, what's that about?!

If you didn't know, I am still learning to drive. It's taking me bloody ages. I had a lesson on Tuesday which I think indicated my driving is up to test standard, just a bit more practice on manoeuvres and I'll be there (what an awkward word manoeuvres is...) Life without a car is becoming increasingly difficult so I can't wait to pass and get behind the wheel! My partner doesn't drive either, so looks like I'll be driving myself to the hospital then!

I picked up a few bits and pieces after work on Wednesday because I'm running out of clothes that fit...
Saw this bargain dress in Primark and had to get it even if I couldn't wear it until after the birth! Can still squeeze in at the moment though - cheeky bump selfie alert!

Had my Welsh lesson on Thursday night. I always find these mildly awkward as I'm the youngest there by quite a way and everyone else already has children in Welsh school / nursery. This is something I struggle to get to grips with... I may be sending my little guy to Welsh speaking nursery's and eventually school as, generally, they are much better in Cardiff than the English speaking ones. I couldn't bare to send him off without him hearing any Welsh beforehand and want to speak to him in both Welsh and English whilst he's still a little'n. So I've started to learn as early as possible really. But hey, that's just my opinion.

Other than that, my week has mostly been filled with work and studying. Work is pretty damn boring at the moment, I'm getting excited to leave to be honest but know that I would just get far too bored. I suffer quite badly from cabin fever and always feel the need to be being 'productive' at all times. If I accidently lie in I will wake up sulking because I will feel like I've missed half the day! I think generally I don't think the daytime is for relaxing in, that's what the evenings are for!

I have done nothing of the social-nature this week. Haven't really seen my boyfriend because he's been working silly hours (unless a 1am wake up when he gets in counts?). Was supposed to go out for the 6 Nations now and meet my boyfriend and friends but they've gone to a pub next to the Millenium Stadium and it's definitely not pregnant friendly right now as I can't stand up for hours / choc full of people, you know the drill... So yeah, feeling pretty disappointed right now. I think this is definitely the worst feeling in pregnancy. Especially after getting ready and waiting to find out where I was going. So yeah, tonight shall be spent moping around the house, watching the Office with B&J and green tea and painting my nails.

Let's hope next week is a bit more fun! (It should be, I hope)



  1. Just discovered your blog! Congrats on your little man :-) I remember falling asleep soo early during those first few months of being pregnant and still being exhausted when I woke up in the morning. Good luck with your driving, I was learning before I got preggo and then I gave up because I really didn't feel like going out early in the morning, wish I had now as my boyfriend has the car all day and I have to rely on my mum to take me around. xx

    Kat from Tiny Flutters - Mummy & Baby

  2. Your bump is so adorable!
    I nominated you for a Liebster Award. Pop over to my post to see what it's all about :)

  3. I wish I had your mentality of working hard all day and not having lay ins! I have to force myself to get up and I feel guilty if I lay in! That mentality will work great when you have your little boy though :P I just read your second trimester post too, can't wait to see more pics! :) xx