Monday, 3 March 2014

Weekly Round Up #2

Whoops... well I may have missed a few weeks there. Life got the better of me, for which I must only apologise. This post was ready to go up last night but I forgot to click post - my bad!

This week has been pretty unexciting. I have finally finished at work, so have SO much free time on my hands! Unfortunately I have been ill pretty much all week and have only felt better today, so I couldn't really use that time productively...

I've started suffering with a couple of annoying pregnancy symptoms, the first being heartburn. I have never suffered from heartburn before so didn't really know what to expect. I can't say it's painful, just uncomfortable. And Gaviscon is REVOLTING. No one warned me about that! (Yes, you are allowed this whilst pregnant as far as I'm aware)

Secondly, dry eye syndrome. I can't leave the house without my eyes streaming (and I mean really streaming) and they just sting constantly. I can't really wear eye make up at the moment because I'll just wipe it off in about 5 mins. Unfortunately eye drops freak me out a little bit too much, so I'm having to just suffer with it at the moment. Sigh.

Finally just some general uncomfortableness. I've always suffered from ligament pain when walking since having the bump, but it's now so much more painful. I'm also cramping up pretty bad in the legs and getting some awkward back pain when I lie down!

My little man has started kicking VERY hard. This is both adorable and, at times, slightly annoying (drifting off to sleep and being booted awake isn't too fun...)

It was St David's day on Saturday and we briefly caught a bit of the parade in the city centre. Not gonna lie, it was all pretty weird. Saw this giant Nessa floating through the crowds towards us!

Other than generally trying to recover from my cold, my week has mostly consisted of domestic chores, baking and watching too many re-runs of The Office.

I apologise that this week has been so dull, I promise I will attempt to be mildly more interesting next time (but I doubt it)

Hope you all had a fab February!


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