Wednesday, 28 May 2014

What's in Baby's Hospital Bag?

So I recently finished packing up mine and baby's bags for the hospital and thought I would share a peek into what I'm bringing with me! I don't have a huge amount as the hospital I'll be going to doesn't keep you in for very long as long as there aren't any complications.

I bought the changing bag on eBay from here and it's really good so far (although obviously has had no real use as of yet...). It's got loads of pouches on the inside for various bits and pieces and has a travel changing mat in the front pocket. Also the little clips on the side make it really easy to strap it to your stroller - so a big thumbs up from me!

So... the contents of the bag are as follows...

- 2 x blankets, one small waffle blanket and another thicker fleece blanket. You can't predict the weather here in Wales so best to be safe!
- A load of size 1 nappies and new baby sensitive wipes. I'm not sure what's provided by the hospital, but thought the best bet was to bring my own
- Tommee Tippee size 1 dummies. Not sure if he'll be into these, but packed just in case it does the trick at soothing him!
- Lansinoh Lanolin and Johnson's Nappy cream. Again, not sure what the hospital provides so thought I would bring my own. 
- 2 x Muslin cloths. Can't remember where these are from but chucking a couple in for quick clean ups.
- 3 x sleepsuits. I'm expecting a little baby so have brought 2 little ones incase one gets spoiled and another slightly bigger one in case he turns out to be a little larger than expected!
- 2 x vests. Again, have packed slightly different sizes just in case.
- 2 x hats. I didn't need to pack 2... but I want options!
- A pair of scratch mits. In case he's a scratcher!
- Bunny comforter by Gro company. Now I know he probably won't enjoy this much, but it's super cute and will make for some nice photo ops.
- LOTS of breast pads. These are tucked neatly into that little Birchbox bag in the top left corner. Can't be too prepared!  

So that's the contents of baby's bag, keep your eyes peeled for my bag in the next couple of days!

Any suggestions on what would be useful would be much appreciated!


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