Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Archer's 1 Month Update

So it's been 5 weeks since little Archer was born and life has changed so much now he's come along (for the better, of course!).

I'm definitely enjoying being a Mum and can't imagine not having a baba! The trauma of the labour is nearly all forgotten and it was definitely all worth it! I'm not sure if I've mentioned it before but I generally hated being pregnant, so to have my body back(ish) feels pretty amazing after such a long time! I still have a stone of baby wait to lose but I'm hoping when I'm able to resume normal exercise next week to shift that ASAP!

Archer's gained quite a bit of weight and is now a hefty 10lbs14 after being 8lbs14 at birth - he's a big fella'! His face also looks really different to birth and his darks blue eyes have started to lighten up.

Most of what I was told pre-baby is correct. You can never have enough clothes, you can never have enough nappies, sleep sucks. 

I can't say I have it too bad with the guy as he does the majority of his sleeping in the night, however the broken sleep is definitely the hardest bit - especially when you're falling asleep breastfeeding through various ungodly hours! He generally feeds every 2 hours but I'm hoping over the next few months the time between feedings will increase (fingers crossed!). He is co-sleeping with us at the moment (we bought a co-sleeping cot due to him hating the moses basket) but he generally just likes to be cuddled to sleep all the time - okay when you have keen family around, not so good when you're home alone and you have 101 things to be getting on with! I'm currently typing with the guy kipping on me like so...

I've been... quiet... to say the least for the past month or so but I think devoting all my time to the little fella' was necessary - my apologies for this but expect to hear more from mr from now on!


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