Saturday, 27 September 2014

3 Brush Washing Options

Clean brushes make putting on your make up on so much more enjoyable, and I do think it's possible to get a brush's clean on any budget. It's important that the products you use are friendly for both your face and hair and you should never use anything too harsh to clean them, especially as they'll go near sensitive areas like your eyes!

The first product I wanted to mention is the baby shampoo option. Baby shampoo is mild enough for the hair on your brush and your face and in particular I wanted to mention the Johnsons Baby Top-to-Toe bath. This stuff smells so nice compared to the original shampoo and, again, it's suitable for both hair and skin! You can get a good clean with these buy you do need to give it 2 or 3 goes before all of the grime has gone. You can usually pick up a huge bottle for around the £2 mark so its a handy addition to any stash. 

Secondly, I wanted to discuss the Dr Bronner's Magic Soap. This has been raved about by the beauty community as an excellent brush cleanser and it does just that. This is still reasonably priced at £5.50 (although if you head to TK Maxx you can often get it cheaper). It also has a load of other uses and you can use it on your body, face and even teeth! They come in loads of great scents and I'd definitely recommend the Peppermint to freshen up brushes. 

Finally, the Beauty Blender Solid offers an alternative method to clean brushes. You swirl your brushes around on the solid soap-like disc and then rinse it off to see all of the dirt and grime washed away instantly. This is definitely the quickest of the three options I've shown here, however it's the most expensive at around £13 and a bit difficult to store once its soapy and wet... 

What do you guys use to clean your brushes?



  1. Loved this post, I've been looking for a new way to clean my make up brushes so this has been perfect - thank you!! :) xx

  2. very helpful post, I always use baby shampoo as it is very affordable and it works really well. The magic soap sounds good though, love the scent of peppermint!

    Vintage Melissa xx

  3. There's nothing more satisfying than clean brushes, the actual process though can be annoying. Especially the beauty blender which takes forever x

    Beauty with charm