Friday, 19 September 2014

Make Up Revolution Mini Haul

So I recently popped into Beauty Studio in Cardiff St David's centre and saw that they stocked Make Up Revolution! I'd heard a lot of rave reviews about the brand in general and was really keen to try some of the stuff out. I'd heard mostly about their shadow palettes, and more recently their highlighters (but I'm just not a highlighter kind of girl...) and decided to pick up a couple of palettes to try out. I also spotted an eyebrow palette at just £2.50, so that was popped into the basket too for a test run!

Redemption Palette Essential Mattes - £4.00 
The first palette that caught my eye (geddit?) was an all matte neutral palette which had my name written all over it! I'll be the first to say I'm very wary of shimmer, or colour, in any shape or form! It's a bit like an extension of the Urban Decay Naked Basics palette, only not quite as good. However, for £4 you get so much for your money! The shadows are a bit cakey but very smooth and pretty easy to apply and blend. The colour selection is great in this one, they've put in a few lighter shades for bases, then a few browns and purples, a grey-blue and a black. They stick about for quite a long time with an eyeshadow primer (I use the Elf one which I think is about £1.50... bargain!). All in all, I'm really impressed. 

Redemption Palette Iconic 3 - £4.00
Next up I picked up the Iconic 3 palette, which by the looks of things is pretty similar to the UD Naked 3 palette... it does pack a few pinkier shades and a mix of matte, light shimmer and strong shimmer shades. Now I don't really do shimmer, so I'm not the best at judging how well these fare against the others. On first impressions the shimmer does seem to subside a little once blended, more so than a more expensive brand. I don't really mind this but if you are using a shimmer for the sake of a shimmer, then it's not so great. I don't think the colour selection is as good as in the Essential Mattes palette, with the left side of the palette having an array of colours and then the right, darker, side all looking a bit samey. There is also no light champagne shimmer, which would have been great for under brow / inner corner highlighting. For £4 this is still a great palette and they have a load of other neutral palettes which bare close resemblance to the UD Naked palettes so definitely worth a try. 

Focus & Fix Eyebrow Shaping Kit in Light Medium - £2.50
This product is pretty underwhelming, but at £2.50 it's not going to be amazing and it does the job. The shadows are pretty hard to work with and pretty hard, not at all like the eyeshadows. The colour selection is good for me, but I think they would definitely be too red-toned for most people. The packaging of this is good, with a handy mirror and even some mini tweezers! It also includes a tiny brush which I've been using to use the setting gel on the go. I would say the setting gel is definitely a redeeming feature of this product as it will help the not-so-great shadow stay in place. Although this review has been mostly negative, I do think this is a good product to have for touching up on the go, however I would stick with using an alternative first thing to set a good base for your brows, also, at £2.50 what's not to lose?

In the photograph I am using the Eyebrow Shaping Kit and the Essential Mattes palette for a better idea of how they look on (apologies for the state of my brows, definitely need a threading, but the kit definitely makes them look redder!)

I'm really impressed with the neutrals palette, and think this might become a staple product in my daily routine at the moment. The other products I'm pretty much happy to have it or leave it, but they don't break the bank and I'm sure they will become handy additions to my stash! 

Have any of you tried any products from Make Up Revolution?



  1. What bargains! I wish they sold Makeup Revolution in Australia! The palettes are so pretty, especially the essential mattes xx
    The Sunday Chapter

  2. I heard of this brand and it is accessible in our country and I wasn't sure about it since it doesn't cost so much. Now I think I'll get me some of their palettes. Great post and keep up the good work.


  3. This is such a nice post!
    Antonella :)

  4. Makeup revolution's palettes are so amazing! At such a low price I think I can justify a little splurge after this post tempting me, even if I am a broke student xD

    Elesaurus |
    YouTube - Eleanor Rose