Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Shower Staples

It's not the nicest topic, but I thought I would do a quick post on my favourite products for getting clean. As the title would suggest, these aren't luxury pamper products, but the products I reach for on a daily basis. 

First up is old style Herbal Essences... I don't know how to describe this other than 'the yellow one'. It's for normal hair with chamomile, aloe vera and passion flower extracts (which smell like no other) and has 0% silicone, which the beauty blogging community has led me to believe is evil and as I don't understand the science behind this I shall just nod along and follow suit. Now I'm pretty sure everyone and their cat has tried this at some stage or another so there's no need for me to bang on about how this smells, but if you haven't tried it since it was discontinued, go pick up a bottle and have a whiff. The best part about it is that is lasts in your hair and every now and then you're greeted with a waft of it, mmmm. The best part? It's nearly always half price somewhere or another, so the set comes in under £4 - bargain! 

To clean the old bod' I have been really loving using Original Source shower gels. These usually come in around the £1 mark and every time I look there seems to be a new batch of cool ones to try out.... On the go at the moment I have the raspberry and cocoa and watermelon and jojoba. They're packed with natural ingredients and 100% vegan friendly too, what's not to love?

I thought I would touch quickly on the sensitive topic of hair removal as that is generally something which happens in the shower... I have always had problems with razors irritating my legs, no matter how much I've spent, but the Gillette Simply Venus (3 blades) never causes any problems for me and since I've discovered these it's been a repeat purchase for me.

Lastly, for my face, I like to start my removing my make up using the Garnier Micellar water and some big ol' cotton pads. I haven't had a chance to try Bioderma, but out of the micellar water's I've tried, this one and the L'oreal one have been the stand out's for me. 

Finally, my new holy grail product, the Neutrogena Oil-Free Facial Wash. I started using this shortly after giving birth when my hormones were acting up and this seemed to just fix things. It's oil free but certainly not drying, it doesn't irritate my skin like others and it just a pretty good job as cleansing. It doesn't lather up to much and just feels nice on the skin. It's only a couple of quid, so definitely worth a try if your skin is acting up. I use this both morning and night and it helps keep my problem zones under control!

What are your favourite shower staples?



  1. Hey, great post and I really love using Garnier's micellar water too! I use it everyday and I can't think of even using another brand :) I really like the sound of the Neutrogena face wash! xxx

  2. You can't beat the oil free neutrogena face wash, I use it every day too! Followed your blog :) love it. Take a look at mine, I'm fairly new to blogging! xxxx

    1. It's so good! Thanks, followed yours too - some lovely posts on there, keep it up! x