Monday, 13 October 2014

A Few Diet Changes...

Recently I've been making more of an effort to keep healthy and lose those last couple of pounds which have been lingering around my waist for the last month or so... I am rubbish at dieting because I love food too much, however I've made a few substitutions to my diet to help me, generally, feel a lot better.

1. No cows milk
Almond milk is my milk of choice now. I actually find actually really nice and definitely better in porridge which is my breakfast of choice! It's really low in calories and doesn't leave me feeling sicky like cows milk normally does. Make sure to go for the unsweetened version!

2. No tea / coffee
This one is hard due to the months of sleep deprivation! But if I do drink caffeine, the crash is so much worse later on in the day! So I've decided to steer clear and stink to green tea only, which I'm told helps to burn abdominal fat - yay!

3. No bread
Cutting out bread has been the best decision for beating my bloat recently. Instead I'm preferring to go for wholemeal wraps or pittas if I want something bread-y.

4. No red meat
This makes me the awkward semi-vegetarian friend when I come round for dinner! Red meat is, generally, fatty and is considered an unhealthy source of protein. I've been sticking to healthier protein sources like fish, chicken, nuts and beans.

5. No alcohol
As a breastfeeding mama, this ones pretty easy for me! Alcohol is so calorific and I can NEVER steer clear of a hangover, so I try to just avoid it full stop these days. If I do go out with friends I usually just stick to lime and sodas, and up my water intake at the same time!

6. No sugar
Okay, so I'm not policing my food checking out the sugar content in each thing... however if I want to add sugar to something (a drink, porridge, fruit etc...) I have been using Agave nectar. You can buy this in a squeezy bottle in the sugar section and it's just as sweet but with natural goodness - win win!

I'd love to know if you guys have any suggestions for simple diet changes which have had a positive effect on your health!



  1. I have just changed to almond milk, like in my porridge etc and I really like it. I need to stop eating so much dairy so this is just a small change. I wish I could get away with not eating so much sugar but I just don't know how to cut it out! x

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  2. I think Im going to have to try Almond milk for my porridge. I also need to cut down on my sugar, but it seems to be in everything.
    Beth x
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