Monday, 6 October 2014

Lush... For Your Baby?

So recently I was kindly invited to a mummy blogger event at the Lush store in Cardiff where we were pampered with yummy tea and cake (big thanks to Waterloo Tea!) and a pampering.

They showed us a lot of amazing products.. So I've decided to split my posts up into two - one for baby and one for mama (although I still think this will be a long'n!)

They showed us a few lotions for combatting dry skin and baby eczema problems including 'Dream Cream' and the Ultrabland balm. We tried these out and they left skin supersoft! My little one no longer struggles with really dry skin, but I wish I'd know about this stuff in the earlier days!

We also got to play with some great products for entertaining little ones during bath time, and in a few months time I'm sure these products will be making their way to my bathroom when Archer's old enough to enjoy them properly!

First up is fun, a play-doh like soap which smells incredible and you can play with them. They're really gentle on the skin and designed with babby's in mind. My favourite is the pink one which is scented with tonka bean, but they all smell pretty great!

We all know how great LUSH bath bombs are, and they've created one especially for little ones! The Ickle Baby Bot is super gentle and can be used for babies after 6 months (not for Archer yet, boo!). It contains lavender to help little heads drift off to sleep and turns the water bright blue!

We also tried a couple of shampoos including Trichomania*, a solid bar shampoo. We'd been told this stuff was good for combatting cradle cap, which little Archer is suffering with slightly at the front of his head so we gave it a go. First things first... it's much more fun than normal shampoo - the novelty of having it in a bar is great! I was expecting this not to smell much but I find it really smells like white chocolate (mmm....) and the scent lingers which is nice. What surprised me most is how much of a difference this make after one use! His skin immediately felt much less dry and I am really really impressed. 

We also tried the Peace Massage Bar* which is perfect for baby massage. I found the product a bit difficult to get off the bar as I didnt want to run it straight on, so I warmed it up a little and massaged in that way which seems to work best. It really nourishes the skin as well as relaxing your little one (although mine squeals and giggles all the way through...) 

Of course, I also tried both of the above products on myself and they also get a big thumbs up from me, so win win! 

Look out for next weeks post on mummy pamper products!

Have you guys tried any of these for you or your little ones?


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  1. aw what a cute little post! the pictures are gorgeous too xxx