Friday, 24 October 2014

Mini Nip + Fab Haul!

Hey guys!

Thought I would share on here a few bits I picked up from Nip + Fab recently. I'm now almost 5 months postpartum, and although I've lost all my baby weight there is a lot of extra skin hanging around still! After some Googling, it seemed like Nip + Fab were pretty good at targeting post-baby bod's so I picked up a couple of things to help my skin get back in shape. 

Firstly I picked up the Tummy Fix (£19.25) which you apply morning and night to your tummy. This contains caffeine, bitter orange and lecithin to help improves the skins texture and elasticity. So far I'm liking it but have only been using it for a couple of days so can't say for sure if it's working yet. I was, however, a little disappointed at the size of the bottle for the price as it is only 100ml which probably won't last me too long!

Next up I picked up the Bust Fix (£16.25). I haven't started using this yet as I'm still weaning Archer off breastfeeding onto formula, but I'm anticipating having a pretty flat chest after it's all over (TMI?). I thought this might be worth a shop in terms of making things a bit more 'pre-baby'...

I also picked up the Deep Cleansing Fix (£7.95) which I am REALLY liking so far. The tub is enormous and it also doubles up as a face mask for an extra moisture hit! The eucalyptus scent of this does leave something to be desired... but this doesn't bother me too much. 

Finally, I picked up the Frown Fix (£10.25) as, although I'm 21, I have some serious forehead frown lines (probably from years spent being a moody cow...). They aren't too obvious but my foundation always settles in to them so I thought I would try this before primer in an attempt to even them out. I don't think this really worked for me... but I don't have crow's feet or laughter lines yet so it's hard for me to comment there either!

Overall, I really like Nip + Fab as a brand and I'm keen to try out some more products. 

Have you guys tried any products from Nip + Fab? 

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