Monday, 24 November 2014

Cult Buys: Frat Boy and Mary-Lou Manizer

So I recently bit the bullet and picked up these two beauties which are often raved about in the world of beauty (the Superdrug 3 for 2 deal may have helped somewhat in this decision....).

First things first, the packaging on these is to die for! Packaging can really make or break a high(er) end product in my eyes!

First up is the Mary Lou-Manizer which I picked up after hearing Estée of Essiebutton give amazing feedback about it on multiple occasions. I've never really been into highlighting - in fact I think this is actually the first highlighter I've bought myself. I have a bit of a naturally shiny face so it seemed odd to put something light reflecting on to my face.... Having said this, I have really enjoyed using this recently. I've been putting a light dusting on to the tops of my cheekbones and through my browbone and it really does aid me in looking more awake! The pan itself seems pretty big, and its SO pigmented that I can see this lasting a really long time. One big thumbs up from me!

Next up is the Frat Boy blush, a peachy pink hue which is almost matte. I much prefer my blushes on the matte side and I definitely lean to peachier shades over purple-y pinks, so I knew I'd like this before I'd even laid my hands on it! Again, it's REALLY pigmented... so a steady hand and a few taps of the brush is definitely required before this stuff hits your cheeks. The formula is lovely and creamy and seems to stick about for quite a while. I really like this blush, but I think there may be a few dupes out there on the market which are a bit more purse friendly (I will be keeping my eyes peeled).

Have you guys tried these products? What did you think?



  1. The Mary-Lou Manizer is my FAVorite highlighter. I'm glad you like it too! I also love their packaging, so adorable!

  2. I've never tried these products before, but I definitely must give them a try!

  3. These sound like great products, I too have held off due to the high(er) end price tags. It does sound like they're worth it though. I'll keep my eye out for more 3 for 2s ;)