Tuesday, 25 November 2014

The Body Shop Festive Fragrances 2014

The Body Shop always bring out some amazing festive lines around Christmas time and this year did not disappoint. They have released 3 ranges, Frosted Cranberry, Vanilla Brulée and Glazed Apple (all very tasty sounding...) and I couldn't wait to get my hands on some of the smells!

I love oil burners, I think if you're trying to get a nice smelling house they are far superior to candles, a fraction of the price and The Body Shop do a great range of oils which all smell heavenly! I think I picked my burner up for a pound or two a few years ago and it's still going strong! 

The oils are £4 normally, but the Body Shop always seem to have great deals going on, so I think I picked these up for about £2 each, BARGAIN!

First up is Vanilla Brulée. I love Vanilla smells in general, so I knew this would be a good investment for all year burning! It is VERY vanilla-y and will most likely fool any guests into thinking there is some kind of baking marathon taking place in your house when they come in, but it's ideal for people who don't particularly just want to buy a Christmassy scent and - hey - who doesn't love vanilla?

Next up is Frosted Cranberry, which I think returned each year in some form or other. This is a classically Christmassy scent and smells a little sweeter than you might imagine. I would definitely say this is the most Christmassy of the bunch - perfect for Christmas day burning! 

NOW I've definitely saved the best til last. This is my all time favourite Body Shop smell by far and it makes my house house smells SO tasty. The culprit? Glazed Apple. If you go into a Body Shop store, give this stuff a whiff. I bought the hand cream too, so when I'm out and about I can still get my Glazed Apple fix! I really hope this returns next year.... I may have to stock up just in case!

Have any of you guys tried the Body Shop Christmas lines? 


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  1. I've heard great things about the glaze apple! Definitely want to get it but I'm really enjoying the frosted cranberry <3