Monday, 15 December 2014

10 People You Hate When You Become A Parent

Sometime, people really annoy me. They haven't done anything particularly offensive but in that moment they truly are one of the worst people on the planet. I summed up my top ten people who just grind my gears a little bit too much since I've had Archer...

1. People who park at the end of roads over the dipped curb which is ideal for pram-mobility. Learn to drive properly, idiot. 

2. Perfectly healthy people who take the lifts in shops.... There's a perfectly good escalator which you get you there in half the time a few feet away people... 

3. 95% of people on public transport. Can we have this seat so our family can sit together? There are plenty more? No? Okay then... 

4. People who stare are your boob when you're breastfeeding. IT'S A BOOB, DEAL WITH IT.  (luckily this chapter is over for me...)

5. Hungover people - Hey, at least you got to go out in the first place, stop whining about it!

6. People who notice your youth and ring-less finger and immediately give you a scowl - it's 2014, people!

7. People who stand in the middle of aisles with their trolleys and don't move out the way for your pram. Oh, okay... I'll just wait here then...

8. Mothers who smoke with their prams. I wasn't exactly their biggest fan before, but now I find it inexcusable! 

9. People who try to tell you what's wrong with your baby if they cry. No, he is not pooping, maybe he just doesn't like you? 

10. People who hang out in the toilet with the changing facilities in... This has happened to me a few times - girl's doing make up etc. etc. Just get out!

Let me know if you agree with any of these, or if you have any more to add!



  1. I love this post!! I have all this to come hahaha. At the minute I'm finding it difficult to deal with the fact that people greet my bump before they greet me. My eyes are up here people!!! xx

  2. Oh wow! All 10 of those people I hate too... Number 9 cracks me up. People always think an upset baby is pooping :') Brilliant post! x

  3. my biggest peeve and the people that infuriate me the most are PEOPLE WHO PARK IN MOTHER AND BABY............WITH NO BABY!!!!! If we park in disabled its frowned upon!!! xx