Sunday, 4 January 2015

A Treat For Thirsty Eyes: Elderflower Eye Gel Review

Through the festive season I've been trialling this Elderflower eye gel from The Body Shop. It's quite unlike any other eye cream I've tried which have been creamy and heavy in texture - this is a clear gel with a jelly-like consistency in the tub! It is unfragranced, which is fine by me as I would not want to cause any unnecessary irritation around the eyes and contains Elderflower water to refresh and cool - sounds good, yes?

My verdict is most definitely a positive with this one - I've actually been using it both morning and night since I received it which is pretty unheard of for me! It sinks into the eye so quickly without leaving any greasy residue which is a huge plus in my books as you don't have to faff about before applying any make up over the top. Despite this it still feels really hydrating and helps prep the eye for a plastering of concealer to cover those bags! 

If you've had a few too many the night before, and your eyes are really feeling it, you can even pop this in the fridge for an extra refreshing eye treat.

It comes in a 15ml tub (about half the size of your average foundation bottle) which will easily last for a couple of months and for £7 it comes in well under the price of any high end eye creams. 

I'm really impressed with this eye cream and will be making it a staple in my skincare routine. Have you guys tried this eye cream? 



  1. I have never heard of this before but it sounds great. I might check this out when I'm in there next! Great post and lovely photography :)

    Leah Talks | New Post - 2014 Faves

  2. It sounds like a really great product to try. Def gonna buy this soon :) Thank you for the recommendation, love!


  3. Ooh this sounds lovely! Will have to check it out :) x

    Kat from Blushing Rose

  4. This sounds lovely, I'm on the hunt for a new eye cream so I'm tempted to try this one. Just came across your blog and love it! Now following xx

    Danielle ||Miss Sunshine & Sparkle

  5. This sounds great, and at just £7 it's such good value! I've always been a bit reluctant to buy eye creams because they can be so pricey! I might give this one a try :) xx