Friday, 20 February 2015

DIY Polaroid Collage!

Polaroid's are making a comeback. They seem to be one of the hottest gadgets in the blogosphere right now, with many people shedding out hundreds on the 'Instax' cameras and films... I, on the other hand, am not feeling quite so ruthless with my money (I would if I could). I do, however, love the whole polaroid 'thing'...

I recently discovered that you can get your Instagram photos printed in a Polaroid style (after some intrigue about Lily Pebbles photo wall... you know what I mean...). The cost of this is also pretty inexpensive, I can't actually remember where I ordered them from, but it cost about £12 for 36 prints and delivery. 

(Sidenote, after a little research I've found this website ( which does some really cool stuff with your Instagram photos, at high quality with sustainable resources - wooop!)

So, I knew I didn't want to just stick my photos on the wall, a la Lily Pebbles, because I'm moving soon and, as the old saying goes, 'ain't nobody got time for that'. So I popped down to my local Ikea (a favourite past time of mine) and picked up a big square Ribba frame for £9. I love these frames, because the glass is elevated from the image, allowing for 3D-ness. 

I also picked up a big ol' sheet of white card, which I got from Hobbycraft and immediately creased when putting it in the car trying to avoid it touching anything dirty *sigh*. 

I had some of the sticky square things (their real name escapes me right now...) left over from other projects, so I knew I could add a little 'height' to my photos using these. Originally I was going to just line my photos up, but my boyfriend suggested just mashing them together into a collage and I rather liked it (because it covered up the creases from the car mishap).

I stuck the photos round the edge down first, using a handy kiddy glue stick I had lying around (you know, the ones that come out purple but dry clear and aren't very good at actually being glue because it's probably safe to eat.. yeah, one of those) and then worked my way inwards. The further in I got, the more sticky squares I popped on the back, so the middle photos stick out the most. This probably isn't something you can really tell from the photos, so you'll all just have to trust me on this one. 

Anyway, the bottom line is, it was really cheap, really easy and took about half an hour. I like having things around the home that I've made, and this is a really nice personal touch. 

Have you guys made anything cool for the home recently?



  1. This is such a good idea, never thought of framing a few photos at once!

    Sam |