Monday, 2 February 2015

January Favourites!

So January is finally over and it's time or another favourites post. January seemed to last forever, anyone else with me on this one? It's the worst month of the year by far... after so much time off over Christmas I was pretty reluctant to get up and going again! These few things, however, have sparked some interest from me over the last few weeks. 

1. Primark Tartan Scarf - £5
I love this scarf. I think I've literally worn it everyday since I bought it a few weeks ago. It's enormous so is great for keeping extra cosy (very much necessary since the temperature drop over the last week) and it looks good with pretty much anything, whilst still injecting a bit of colour!

This has been my go-to easy lip this month. It's a warm brown shade which I find very wearable considering usually nude lips can really drown me out! I usually pop on a bit of lipliner (Rimmel do great nudes to match this) then slather this on for a long lasting, non sticky lip!

I've been getting really bad build up in my hair recently. TMI? Maybe. I've been using this in place of my regular shampoo instead though, and my hair's been left feeling really really clean. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who uses a lot of stuff in their hair (or a gallon of conditioner with every wash like me...)

I don't want to see another burgundy, grey or any other 'wintery' shade for all that matter. I am so ready to get out of winter now, and this shade is the perfect 'willing Spring to come along' kinda shade. It's a pretty muted lilac which, surprisingly, suited my skintone pretty well (pale and freckly). As with most Essie polishes the formulation is pretty good and lasts a good few days with no chips for me (and that's without top coat!) 

I've been using this primer pretty much every day where I know I'm going to be out of the house for a long while and I've been really enjoying it. The texture is almost like a serum - not siliconey like some primers. It just helps to even out the skin and provide an easy base for foundation. The bottle is pretty swanky too...

I did a blog post recently about this cult product (read that here), but it's not been making a regular appearance since it's purchase for highlighting. Instead I've been using it pretty much everyday as my inner-corner eyeshadow, and to layer over the top of eyeshadows for a lovely shimmer. It's better quality than most eyeshadow and packs some serious pigmentation. And using it for an eyeshadow means it should last for pretty long time! 

I used to wear this fragrance a few years ago, and when I caught a whiff of it recently it felt very nostalgic... automatically I picked up a 150ml bottle..... nostalgia can do a lot for you! Anyway, this fragrance is such an easy everyday scent, and considering it's a lot cheaper than most fragrances it's a little more purse friendly for every day wear. 

What have you guys been loving through January?



  1. I love this Essie shade. I've been looking for a lilac for a while!

    Ami xxx

  2. lovely selection I am loving the Essie nail polish :)

  3. Love that tartan scarf! We also but the Soap and Glory lip gloss stick in our January favourites!

    A&K //

  4. Loving the scarf! Here's my January faves if you want to take a look? :)