Tuesday, 24 February 2015

New In: Waitrose 'Pure'

Whilst recently ordering my online food shopping, I noticed that Waitrose had released a new budget skincare range called Pure

Usually, Waitrose are pretty food with pretty much everything else... so I thought their skincare must be worth a short, right? It's 95% natural ingredients too and formulated for sensitive skin, which gets a big thumbs up from me!

I picked up the eye gel (£2.99)and the facial oil (£2.99), but they also sell a face polish, face wipes, eye make up remover and a cleanser at around the same price. 

Firstly, the price is amazing. £2.99 for a facial oil? Insane. And they haven't skrimped on the packaging either, a nice glass bottle and easy to use pipette (actually this one works better than most I've used at picking up the product...) I like the design of the labelling also... minimal and almost a little scandinavian, lovely!

Now I didn't go in with huge expectations of these products, because they are so affordable (they obviously aren't going to be the next Keihl's...) but they have pleasantly surprised me. 

I pop a squirt of the facial oil all over my face before I apply my moisturiser at night and, surprisingly, it sinks in SO quickly. The same goes for the eye gel, which seems very wet on application but sinks in super quickly. 

If you pair these two up with a good night cream, you get a really good moisture boost overnight, so if you struggle with sensitivity or simply want a new budget skincare brand to try out, I would defiitely recommend trying these!

Have any of you guys tried the Waitrose 'Pure' range yet?


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