Friday, 27 February 2015

OGX: Keratin Oil Review

So I have long, often unruly, pretty thick hair so I'm always on the look out for products which will help to tame the mane. I spotted this in the aisle of Boots amongst the argan oil type-products, and was immediately drawn to the word 'weightless' on the bottle. I am rubbish at applying hair oils normally, I can't distribute them very well and I do find them a little heavy in my already heavy hair, so I picked up a little bottle of this stuff to give it a whirl.

I've tried the shampoos and conditioners from OGX before, and although I've really enjoyed using the product, the packaging has let them down - I couldn't get about a third of the stuff out of the bottle due to the weird shape of it! This little guy, on the other hand, is packaged perfectly - simple, small with everything you want to know on the front. The crown jewel of this product, however, has to be the pump. You know what I said earlier about oils being difficult to distribute? This little bottle has a misting pump, which even distributes a small amount of product over the hair - perfect! 

Another bonus to this product is that it smells incredible. Like really good. I can't pinpoint what the smell is actually - and research couldn't help me out much here - but it's got some sexy-and-luxurious vibes going on, mmm. 

If you find your standard hair oils a little bit too much, then I would definitely recommend giving this a go. You can pick it up at Boots here for £6.99 although it is currently out of stock online which can only indicate that this stuff is pretty good. 

Have you guys tried this stuff? Any other hair oils you would recommend to me?


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