Friday, 3 April 2015


So a few weeks ago I was lucky enough to be invited to a craft event run by Joe Blogs on behalf of Hillarys (yep, the blinds people). The event was held at Chapter Arts Centre in Cardiff, which luckily was just a walk around the corner for me!

We were taught by the lovely ladies at The Crafty Hen (who also do craft events for parties, hen dos etc.!) to book bind and to also make a little stuffed bird, all using fabrics from the new Hillarys collection. 

The event was showcasing the new Roman Blinds collection from Hillarys, so they brought along a few of the new fabrics for us to have a play with. After having a feel of these and having a look around the website I am really impressed with them. They guys from Hillarys are lovely, the fabrics are strong (perhaps a little too strong to book bind with in my case!), beautiful and they offer a professional service tailored to you. 

I'll be moving house soon, so I'll certainly be giving them a call when I need to get some blinds fitted - especially in Archer's room!

A Selection of Fabrics from the New 'Roman Blinds' Collection

So this event taught me, really, how bad of a seamstress I am. I vaguely remember sewing things in textiles class in school but I think I was awful then too. I'm too impatient for these kind of tasks I think! Alas, I did manage to bind a book and craft a little bird semi-successfully!

Dina from Cardiff Beauty Blog binding her book (very successfully)!

The more successful of my two creations... despite a rather blunt beak!

A big thank you to Hillarys and the Joe Blogs team for getting me involved! Check out Hillarys blog post here on the event! 


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