Monday, 25 May 2015

Growing a Human: The First Year

I can't quite believe that Archer is going to be ONE on Sunday. The past year seems to have absolutely flown by! It's amazing looking back at how he's changed from a sleepy little bundle to a raging nutter (and I'm feeling very broody as a result... AGH!). It's been a tough year of no sleep (to date he's still only slept through the night once!) but he is such a little wonder and a joy to be around! I thought I would share a few precious moments from his first year with you all on here... here goes! 

Baby boy Archer in baby swing!
A Newborn Archer enjoying a sleepy swing. These days, despite me being pretty torn up from the birth, were so precious! I spent all day staring at my gorgeous new baby boy!

Newborn baby boy Archer's first bath at home
Archer's first bath-time at home. I used to hate bathing him on my own... I was always so scared I would drop him! Pressure's off now I can just plonk him in the tub and let him get on with it!

Newborn Baby Boy Archer Photo
Another little snooze - if only he slept this much now! I remember the first few nights after he came home, he slept for 4 hours stretches at night. I thought we had the perfect baby who would be sleeping through the night in no time, oh how wrong I was...

Newborn Baby Boy Archer
JUST LOOK HOW TINY. He wasn't even that tiny. 8lbs14!

Baby Boy Archer Bathtime Photo
Ah the joys of changing a baby who can't crawl yet...

Baby Boy Archer Cuddles
The boy has always loved TV. Lazy bones! 

Baby Boy Archer Photo Photography
OH and he's a huge poser. He loves posing for the camera and looking at photos / videos of himself!

Baby Boy Archer HALLOWEEN!
Halloween 2014. I got him dressed up for Nursery. He was not impressed...

Baby Boy Archer Bouncer Jojo Maman Bebe
Bounce bounce bounce bounce... 

Baby Boy Archer Weaning!
Weaning! I looked forward to giving him real food for so long, and then was really deflated when he just didn't seem to fussed by food. He didn't really take to finger food for a while either. In hindsight I really shouldn't have worried too much, he picked it up eventually!

Baby Boy Archer Xmas Ikea Photo
I took photos of Archer with the toys he got given for Xmas to make Thank You cards! Again, happy little poser.. even with the studio lights on him!

Baby Boy Archer Sitting! Wearing Primark, Playing with Fischer Price
The boy could sit! It took him a while, around 7 months I think. I think he learnt to crawl about 8 months. The weeks inbetween was the absolute sweet spot, he can sit and entertain himself, but can't escape and cause havok...

Baby Boy Archer Family Portrait
Family snaps when out in town. Of course NOW he won't look at the camera...

Baby Boy Archer Photo Photography

About 10 months, the boy is CRAZY. We got him an enormous play pen because our place at the moment is not very baby friendly (stone floor throughout) and I would definitely recommend. This thing is the size of a room in itself, and he's so much safer and happier!

Baby Boy Archer Mummy and Son

Aw, cuddles and a big belly!

I'll have a few more snaps next week of the little man's b'day celebrations! 



  1. Happy birthday for sunday, Babies grow up so fast. So many happy memories made already and many many more to come :) xx

  2. I love photos of babies. Archer has really grown hasn't he! I bet you are so proud.