Sunday, 17 May 2015

KORRES Wheat Face Soap Review

KORRES, natural face soap in bar form!

KORRES is a brand which I am not all that familiar with, I've tried a few shower gels here and there but that's about it, so when I saw this facial soap-bar in TK Maxx for a few quid, I thought it must be worth a shot!

Now this is the first facial cleanser I've tried in bar form, and I can absolutely say that having it in a bar form is not as easy as a pump or bottle. Having a bar of facial cleanser by your sink just looks like hand soap. I don't really have anywhere to keep it so that its obvious it's not for hand-washing use, which is a little bit awkward.It's also pretty rubbish to travel with in this form, so it's definitely a to-be-kept-by-the-sink product. BUT, aside from this, because it's in a bar form I think it's bound to live eternally, as the thing just keeps on going!

After a little research, I've found that the wheat in this is intended to provide an abundance of B12, B5 and B3 to help your skin look regenerated and fresh... not bad for a carb, eh?

I've been using this every morning and evening post-cleanse and really liking how clean it leaves my skin - not squeaky-clean to the point where it's stripped all your natural oils like some soaps - just nice and clean.

For the record, my skin is combination... so the slightly drying affects that are associated with soaps is something that I'm after, but if you struggle with really dry skin then this probably isn't the product for you, although it is super gentle.

If you can live with the awkward-ness of usual facial cleansers in bar form, then this is definitely worth keeping your eyes peeled in TK Maxx for.

Have you guys tried any other bar facial cleansers?



  1. I love Korres products! I didn't know they were being sold in Tkmaxx x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness

    1. Yeah I've seen a few things of theirs in there recently! keep your eyes peeled :) x