Wednesday, 27 May 2015

The Brushes You Need From Make Up Revolution Pro Brush Collection (Review)!

So I recently ordered the Full Pro Brush Set from Make Up Revolutions new brush line to give them a whirl. I've been really impressed with pretty much everything I've tried from Make Up Revolution in the past, so I had pretty high hopes for these when they landed on my doorstep a few days later.

I think overall the quality of these brushes is a mixed bag. But it's definitely nothing to complain about at £20 for the lot. In an attempt to not make this the longest blog post ever I will give you a quick run down of my thoughts below... 


PRO F104 Pro Powder Brush - I LOVE this. I use it for blusher / powder and it's really great. I think I even prefer it to my Real Techniques powder brush. It's quite dense, soft and with a very round head. Definitely worth picking up!

PRO F103 Pro Stippling Brush -Another gem here. This stippling brush is so nice for achieving a barely-there make up look, whether it's with foundation or cream products. I didn't love it at first... but since the weather has brightened up it's been my go-to brush for a light base! 

PRO F105 Pro Contour Brush - Again, my Real Techniques contour brush has been put aside in lieu of this little guy. This brush is quite thin, which makes getting a really precise contour a lot easier - especially if you're in to the whole contouring your nose etc. business. It's pretty dense, but blends colour out nicely, too! 

PRO E102 Pro Eyeshadow Contour Brush - Out of all the eye brushes, this is the only one I really use. It's actually the first angled shadow brush I own, so I have little to compare it against.. however it does the job when it come to eyeshadow application and when you can't be bothered to wash your brushes (c'mon, we all probably leave it a little too long) then these kinds of brushes are handy to have lying around -Oh and it's only £1.99... 


PRO F102 Pro Concealer Brush  - I hate flat concealer brushes, much like I hate flat foundation brushes. So again, I can't really comment here. I have used it for cream eyeshadow, however, and it seems to do the job here so it's not completely lost on me! 

PRO E103 Pro Eyeshadow Blending Brush - I'm just gona put it out there and say this blending brush is weird. It's not tapered like most, so it's quite thick at the end. As far as blending is concerned, I don't think it great... MAC 217 is always gona trump this one here. I was a little disappointed as I'm always on the lookout for budget blending brush alternatives (the ELF blending brush is the only one that I think came close and they have fallen off the face of the Earth before I had a chance to buy 1000!)

PRO E104 Pro Eyebrow Brush - This is just like any other small angled brush really. It's just... fine. But nothing to write home about. 

PRO F101 Pro Foundation Brush - I personally hate flat foundation brushes, so I knew from the offset I wasn't going to like this one. I don't really know how it compares to other high end brushes of the same kind because I haven't used a flat brush in about 4 years! But hey, if that's what you're into then it may be worth a go... 

PRO E101 Pro Eyeshadow Brush - Like the concealer brush.. this brush is best suited for cream products and find it's only really useful for powder when applying under the eyes. For me this brush just doesn't tick enough boxes where eyeshadow is concerned. Oh, and it's pretty small too. 

NOW, I want to point out that I have been speaking objectively about these products and trying not to consider the price too much. If you're new to make up and are looking for something affordable then these are great. The ones I pointed out as being must-haves I think are immensely good value for money, but really... they're all a good bargain! 

Let me know if you've tried any of these brushes and what you thought, and if you have any other brush recommendations you think I should try! 



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  1. ooooo they look amazing! I may have to give these a little try. Hope you're well honey.

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