Friday, 12 June 2015

#FF 12/06/2015


Welcome to a NEW feature on Electric Suede. In the blogging world we need to lend a helping hand to one another... so I thought I would do a weekly round up of blogs I've enjoyed recently and pop them into a handy post for you all. I will probably include 5 or 6 blogs I've enjoyed with a little bio for each. Here goes...

Although I'm primarily a beauty blogger, I'm also a mother and love reading parenting blogs. Alex is a mum to 2 year old Ethan and soon to another little one! She blogs about parenting, pregnancy and life! I loved her 'What's In My Hospital Bag' post (although it did make me extremely broody for my second already...).

Taylor is a beauty / fashion / lifestyle blogger and vlogger who I've been following for nearly a year. You can find her on YouTube here and her vlogging channel here. I'm a nosy bugger, so I love watching peoples vlog's and seeing what people get up to! Her videos are really well set up and edited, too. 

Little Bones is a beauty, lifestyle and mental health blog run by 'Little Bones' from Cardiff. Her blog is a really refreshing mix of beauty posts and what I would consider the more important stuff. Her recent post on misconceptions of Anxiety is an interesting read. Oh, and her photography is the bomb!

Leanne is a new mum to (adorable) daughter Aria. As previously mentioned as a mother (and broody woman) myself I love reading blogs with a parenting focus - although Leanne blogs about many other things too! I loved her post about Aria's Bedtime Routine and just wish my much older baby would take a leaf out of Aria's book and SLEEP! 

Emma Louise is a beauty / mummy blogger based in the Midlands. Like myself, she's also studying alongside motherhood and has an adorable toddler called Millie! I loved her 2 year update here.. i wonder if Archer will ever enjoy watching people open Kinder eggs!  

I hope you enjoyed this first #FF instalment, keeps your eyes peeled for next weeks! 


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