Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Fitness Haul! (Primark, Nike and New Balance)

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So recently my boyfriend Glenn and I decided to give up our dreams of being back in the gym in lieu of a new hobby... tennis. We suck pretty bad at this right now and the majority of the exercise is running to collect the balls we've pelted out of the court, but hey- at least we're burning some calories, right?

Since I stopped breastfeeding Archer my boobs have almost completely disappeared. This isn't something which bothers me, but it does mean that the F cup sports bra I was sporting post-partum has been rendered pretty useless. So... I head into town to replace these and, naturally, picked up a few other bits and bobs along the way...

Primark Mint Sports Top - £3.50 
I don't think you need to be told that this is a bargain. It's actually a little too big for me to wear without another bra underneath, but it looks really cool layered and I'll definitely get some use out of it if I can dare to bare the mum-tum...

Primark Mint Shorts - £4
I have SO much love for these. They're mesh-y on the inside, really lightweight and a pretty modest length. I can't believe they were £4! They look pretty rad, too.

New Balance Grey Sports Bra - £13
I'm not sure how much this was meant to be... but I think it was around £25. I, however, picked it up at TK Maxx! This fits me perfectly (hoorah! Just what my boobs needed...) and actually does a lot for support despite only being medium impact.

Nike Dry-Fit Shorts - £15
Another TK Maxx bargain! I'm pretty sure I snatched these off the rail - they're just so cute! I love bright prints for working out in and these don't fail to deliver that. The only downside is that I would expect Nike short's to have pockets in... but I suppose I can live without them!

Primark Travel Yoga Mat - £3
Now these next two things were serious bargains. If you fancy them I would recommend hitting your local Primarni up pretty quickly as they were in the sale section when I visited. I didn't really need this but I couldn't leave it there for £3 and it will be great for travelling / stretching at the park pre/post-tennis.

Primark Yoga Block - £1
I have been trying more and more to get some yoga into my life (thanks to Yoga With Adrienne!) and very often the positions will require a block. So far I've been getting by with a dense pillow (specifically one of Archer's in the shape of a racoon) but when this caught my eye it just had to go into my basket - a serious bargain!

I'm so happy to have some more clothes that actually fit!

If you guys have any fitness recommendations I'd love to hear them!


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