Tuesday, 23 June 2015

TAG! This Summer I Will...

I was recently tagged by Leanne to to the 'This Summer I Will' tag - a light-hearted list of things we hope to do / change this summer! So...This Summer I Will... 
  • Go on our First Family Holiday - We've been away to stay with family and friends, but never on a proper holiday since Archer came along. 
  • Master the Veggie BBQ - This will be my second summer not eating meat, this year I'm determined to make some spectacular bean / halloumi burgers. Mmmm!
  • Explore Wales - Since I moved to Cardiff 4 years ago, I haven't really ventured out of the city much. I'm hoping to get up to Brecon and explore the South West coast of Wales this summer!
  • Get Washboard Abs - Okay... Okay, I'm never gona have washboard abs. But I would like to get a somewhat toned body and MAYBE even crack a bikini out. 
  • Help My Baby Learn To Walk! - How exciting, in a few months my little man will be toddling about. He is just starting to stand on his own so I'm hoping it won't be long til I can help him on his little stroll's.
  • Up My Blog Game - I'm off for a few months until I begin the third year of degree in October. Whilst a lot of this time will be spent with my little man, I want to devote more time and energy to my blog. 
  • Start Cycling - My boyfriend is a good cyclist and now that Archer is old enough to go in a seat we want to start cycling up and down the Taff trail. 
  • Do Some Studying! - As I'm off Uni for a few months, I want to use this time off wisely to take some part time courses to get me set for the year ahead. 
  • Experiment with Make Up - I don't hit the town very often, but now that Archer is older and I have more free time on my hands this is the time where it will happen a little more frequently. I want to get stuck in with more fun, experimental make up (I have enough of the stuff...!)
  • Be More Organised - My boyfriend, Glenn, is self-employed in the TV industry and has just started a 9 month contract. The hours are pretty long so he's not around much to help out with the parenting / house duties. I hope I can get a bit more strict with scheduling my day!
  • Move House! - We're going to be moving house soon! We are just waiting to find the right place for us but will hopefully be moving ASAP. I'll blog about it all, obviously!
I tag Jess Will, Hey Claire Bear , Things Sarah Loves, Embrace the Spotlight, Rosie Louise Love, Fruity Flamingo , Karla Loves Lipstick and Cardiff Beauty Blog!

I look forward to seeing what you guys put on your summer bucket list - make sure you tag me so I can see!



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