Thursday, 23 July 2015

Beauty Blender Micro Mini Review

Left - damp, Right - dry 

So whilst I was at IMATs I finally had the chance to pick up some of the Beauty Blender Micro Mini's . I love the original Beauty Blender and use it most days, so it's safe to say I was pretty excited to try these out. 

Like the original Beauty Blender these are pretty versatile and can be used for most cream products, although they are mainly intended for applying foundation and concealer in those smaller areas. 

They work best when damp, much like the original, but I was surprised to see that they didn't expand very much as shown in the photograph above. You can see, however, that they become much smoother as a result making application more seamless. 

The application of these didn't overwhelm me. Don't get me wrong, they're good and provide seamless coverage I just didn't particularly think there was an improvement on using the original Beauty Blender - especially for buffing concealer in. If you like to use separate blending tools for different jobs, i.e. one for foundation, then one for concealer and one for highlight then these may be worth investing in. 

If you're new to using Beauty Blenders then I would definitely recommend purchasing the original one as I think it does everything the Micro Mini's can do! 

Have you tried these?




Saturday, 18 July 2015

Putting Things In Perspective

I've recently been thinking a lot about where I want to be this time next year. If you didn't know, I'm currently 2/3rd of the way through a Business degree, so I hope to be graduating this time next year.

When I started my degree I didn't really know what I wanted to do afterwards. I had a vague desire to be self employed eventually, or at least in a management position... I don't particularly enjoy being managed. I just knew I didn't want to spend the better half of my twenties working long hours in entry level jobs. So I applied for a Business and Management Degree around the corner at Cardiff Met and received an unconditional offer. (Fun fact, I did also rather conventionally go to Uni at 18 - I did Music and Maths at Cardiff Uni and it sucked)

A spanner was thrown in the works when I fell pregnant (unknowingly) a month before I started my degree. I found out possibly one week into my course and spent the rest of the year being the awkward pregnant girl. Second year was a lot better - believe it or not studying whilst pregnant is much harder than studying with a baby... your brain just isn't in the right place during pregnancy!

And now there is one year left. It's safe to say my life has changed a lot since I first applied to University. My boyfriend, Glenn, is now self employed and earning enough to support us all and we're forking out the best part of a grand to put Archer in nursery each month. So I have a lot to think about in terms of my future career as a graduate.

As much as I enjoy spending time with Archer, being a stay-at-home Mum just isn't an option for me. Whilst I'll be more than happy to take a years maternity leave when the time rolls around again, I can't imagine it being a permanent option. But when nursery costs will be the majority of my graduate salary, I won't be working for money anymore. I'll be working for my own enjoyment and personal development.

So I have a year to go before I dip my toes back into the world of employment. I'm somewhat excited and hope I can find work which I love, this will be a hectic year of really figuring out what motivates me, getting some experience and working hard for that 2:1 or first class honours!

I'd love to hear your thoughts about going back to work after having a baby!




Thursday, 16 July 2015

So I Went To IMATS London 2015..

So on Saturday 11th July I finally went to my first IMATS London! I've been keeping an eye on the IMATS event for the past few years since getting interested in make up, but finally got to go this time.

After a long travel-sicking-inducing Megabus trip, myself and Ellie arrived in London and pretty much immediately got lost. We eventually made it to IMATs at the Olympia Kensingson about 2 hours later than planned and started to make the rounds. 

IMATS is BUSY. Like really busy. We had to abandon a lot of stands because the queues were just insane (NYX and Beauty Bay, I'm looking at you...). We were only in London for the day, so quieing for half an hour to get some discounted brushes didn't really seem worth it. 

I did, however, get my hands on some make up I can't normally get - Make Up Forever, Ben Nye, Beauty Blender etc. and they have a lot of the big names - NARS, MAC, Urban Decay, YSL etc. although these aren't too heavily discounted. I would say the discounts were between 10-30%, which is good if you buy a lot of stuff (bearing in mind the IMATS ticket itself will set you back £50). I'm definitely regretting not buying multiples of the stuff I bought - if I go again I will definitely be stocking up on the Make Up Forever foundation! 

The make up demonstrations going on over the event were incredible. There is a big focus on stage / film / SFX make up and the artistry is just mesmerising! 

If you're a make up artist or just love buying an obscene around of make up then I would definitely recommend going! 

I posted this photograph of my haul... (although it includes a few extra London bits!)