Friday, 7 August 2015

Doubling Up On The Eyes...

I have recently found that my under eye area has becoming increasingly dry and dehydrated. By midday, any concealer I have applied looks flaky - and quite frankly worse than the bags did before...

I had these two eye creams on the go - The Body Shop's Elderflower Unperfumed Eye Gel (£7.50) which I reviewed here and the Yes To Carrots Moisturising Eye Cream (£9.99). I was opting for the eye gel in the day, as it was light and quick drying, and the cream at night as this was a little thicker.

One day my eyes looked particularly tired (a common side effect of a teething baby) and after applying my usual dose of Elderflower eye gel I didn't feel like my eyes had the hydration boost they really needed. I decided to layer the Yes To Carrots eye cream over the top of this for a second dose of hydration and discovered a new daily duo which I just can't fault!

People will quite happily layer moisturising products on their faces, so why not do the same for the eyes? It takes a little longer in terms of drying time so it's hardly going to be a '5 minute face', but if I have the time to spare then why not?

I think the combination of the two mostly works because of the varied texture between the two - the gel is tightening and quick drying and seems to help the cream to sink in more quickly too.

If you are suffering from tired and dry eyes at the moment then I would definitely recommend layering your products!

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