Friday, 21 August 2015


Today I thought I would share the beauty bits which live in my handbag! I like to carry a big pouch within my handbag where I'll keep my on-the-go make up and a few other bits and bobs I might need. This makes my life a little bit easier trying to find things through my often overflowing handbag!

I get dry hands all year round, I think probably because I over-wash them (an unfortunate side effect of having a toddler), so a hand cream is essential for me. I don't have a favourite, my house is generally overflowing with them so I tend to just use up what I have. At the moment I'm using the Elizabeth Arden 8 Hr Hand Cream (£12.50) which I'm really enjoying - it's not thick in texture like the normal 8 hour cream so it sinks in really quickly but is really hydrating. 

I like to carry an SPF with me, in case Archer or I need topping up on the sun protection front as we are both VERY fair skinned and burn very easily. I love the La Roche Posay Anthelios XL Fluid (£16.50) (a) because the packaging is dinky and perfect for your handbag and (b) you can barely feel this on your skin, there is no greasy residue at all!

Would the handbag beauty post be complete without a do-it-all face spritz? I think not. I'm currently using the bloggers favourite Caudalie Beauty Elixir (£9.78) to refresh tired skin and give my make up a bit of a lift. I think for the price there are better alternatives on the market, but it's a nice little splurge! 

I often forget to apply my daytime fragrance, so the Travalo (£6.99) is a life saver for me! I lost this for a while (by which I mean I put it in a handbag and forgot which one...) and I am so happy to have it back in my life! They are durable and so light-weight, you simply pop the cap of your perfume and pump some spritz into the bottom of the travalo, super easy!

I've raved about it before, but the Blistex Orange Mango Blast  (£1.49) has to be the best lip balm. It tastes like Starburst, it has SPF 15, it's super hydrating. Enough said really. 

I like to carry hand sanitisers with me because I have a little person who often makes me grubby. The Body Shop Hand Sanitisers (£2.50) are my favourite ones I have found - at the moment I'm using the Coconut one which smells a little like I've dropped my hands in some Malibu.. but hey, I can live with that. 

So there you have it, a peek in what travels around in my handbag!

I would love to know what your handbag favourites are?



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