Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Nanshy 4 Piece Face Brush Set

Nanshy is a brand I actually hadn't heard of until I visited their counter at IMATs. I'm always after synthetic brushes, both because they are cruelty free and because my skin is sensitive to real hair, so when I saw their brushes were 100% vegan and they had a great range of face brushes I was pretty excited! I finally decided to pick up the four piece Gobsmack Gorgoues set (you can buy these on Amazon here)

I think we should just start by taking a moment to appreciate how cool these brushes look - I love their branding!

I can tell a lot of thought went in to creating 4 brushes which, together, are perfect for getting a flawless and blended complexion. They can all be used for foundation application, although they also serve other purposes too. The 'Flawless Foundation' brush is similar to the Real Techniques buffing brush (and better in my opinion) and is great for foundation application - especially if you prefer a little more coverage. The 'Buffed Base' is a multi-purpose brush which can be used for foundations or powder products - I like to use this to set my under eye area with powder. The 'Angled Airbrush' is, again, a foundation brush but it can be used to apply cream contour or blush products. Finally, the 'Conceal Perfector' is obviously a great tool for seamless concealer application.

These brushes are all quite dense and certainly good quality. I have washed them a few times and have seen no shredding either. 

This is a fantastic foursome, and a great addition for anyone looking to expand their range of face brushes. 

Have you tried anything from Nanshy? 




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