Monday, 3 August 2015

Where Have I Been?


After a bit of a blogging / social media hiatus... I thought I had better explain where I have been for the past few days (weeks...).

We have finally left our home in Pontcanna (Cardiff) where we spent the past few years. It was a two bedroom flat we moved into before I was pregnant with Archer, and after nearly a year of looking for somewhere to live we have finally decided to move out to a big 3 bedroom house in the suburbs which a family friend will rent out to us. Hopefully it will be the last house we rent before we can afford to buy... fingers crossed!

Emptying out the old place!

Having said that, we aren't there yet... the house won't be ready for us to move in to until the end of August. But having given notice to leave our current flat by the 31st we were left with a homeless couple of weeks. The solution to this has been for Archer and I to spend a few weeks in Dorset at my Mothers, whilst Glenn stays up in a serviced apartment in Cardiff for work in the week. The longest we have spent apart is 5 days during Xmas 2013, so this is a learning curve to say the least - especially now we have a little monkey crawling about the place (I'm pretty sure it's okay for me to refuse to change nappies for a while once he's back on Dad duty, yeah?)

I'm glad that the packing / stress is over and can't wait to get back to our new place. I will document the journey on here, it will be nice to look back on!

For now, expect photo's of our adventures down in England and the occasional beauty ramble!


The grumpy boy and I down in Dorset!



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