Monday, 7 September 2015

August in Photos

August has been a bit of an odd month... Due to waiting on the sale of our new house (we aren't buying it, our new landlady is...) we have found ourselves a little bit homeless for a few weeks. Alongside this has come a lot of absentness from the internet due to a lack of internet and a hectic lifestyle, however whilst Archer's in nursery and I've made my way to the library I thought I would share some photos from the month with you all.

The first few weeks were spent in Dorset visiting my Mum where we indulged in lots of trips to the beach, lounging in the sun and paddling pools in the garden! 

I was also lucky enough to visit the Celtic Manor for afternoon tea (which I blogged about here). All in all, it was a pretty chilled out month considering our life has been up in the air and the majority of our belongings stuffed in a storage unit! Here are a few favourite photos from the month... 

We took Archer to an adorable tea room along the South Coast

Treats at The Celtic Manor

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