Saturday, 24 October 2015

Lets Hear it For October.

I didn't quite realise until this year quite how much I like October. I've always been a fan of Autumn (or fall) in general, but I think I'd be quite happy to stay in this early-Autumn state forever.

The leaves are falling, the sun is shining and the hot chocolate flowing. The shorter days are rolling in, so getting home straight into your pyjamas feels totally justified. Netflix and Chill - am I right?

As I'm writing this, the weather has actually taken a turn for the worse and is raining (BOOOOO!) but the past few days of crisp cold and bright sunshine have just been perfect! It's cold enough that the layers and scarves can come out, but not annoyingly cold where you have to force yourself out of the door in wellies and thermals.

By no means is it time to crack out the tree, but it's finally kinda justified to start getting excited about Christmas! The countdown is on for Starbucks to bring back the Toffee Nut Latte... (Hands down the best drink in the world. Ever.). There are exciting beauty launches getting us even more impatient - The Body Shop Advent Calender, I'm looking at you... and Autumnnal and festive make up looks inspiring us everywhere.

For me and many others, October marks the beginning of another year of study where we are full of optimism and good intentions for the year ahead. For me, it's my last year in full time education as I will be graduating next summer, so I'm embracing this more than ever before!

And how could I forget... HALLOWEEN! Pumpkins everywhere (although not in lattes for me, I can't imagine anything more weird... anyone else with me on this?!) and some PHENOMENAL make up / SFX looks flying around. I can just about handle a cat face I think... but hey, I'm feeling inspired this year so maybe I'll give it a go.

I'd love to know what you guys are loving about October... leave a comment and let me know below!




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