Thursday, 15 October 2015

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Purifying Mask Review


I love a good face mask. Over the last year I have slowly integrated them more and more into my facial skincare regime. I probably like to do 2 a week, usually using something with a little bit more punch to tackle really bad skin days like the Body Shop Blue Corn Mask on one day, then something a little bit more calming on the other. 

The Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Purifying Mask (£4.85) definitely fits into the more 'calming' of those two categories, as you can probably imagine if you have ever used any products from the Palmer's range. 

I find this is the sort of mask I can put on in front of the TV whilst I vegetate for an hour or so and when I go to rinse it off my skin feels deep cleansed but without being at all dried out. Although the mask dries out a little when applied, it doesn't dry too much and is easy to remove with a wet flannel.

The active ingredient in cleansing the skin in the mask is natural green clay, which helps to draw out any impurities. Whilst deep cleansing masks can often be stripping, this one is totally different. Obviously the mask includes cocoa butter, but it also have almond oil to help rehydrate the skin.
 Alongside this, the mask also includes evening primrose oil, chamomile, aloe vera and menthol which all aid in making it a soothing and relaxing treat for your face! 

For the price, this mask is an absolute bargains as the bottle contains plenty of applications - if you can pick it up on offer in Superdrug then even better! 

This has become a staple in my skincare routine, and I can't wait to try more from the Palmer's skincare range! 




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