Monday, 5 October 2015

We've Moved House!

So you may have noticed that Electric Suede has been on a long, unexpected, extended hiatus.  The last few months have been a little bit manic, but we finally have a new home for our little family! It’s not perfect, but we are pleased to be back in central-ish Cardiff – not too far from our old place, only much bigger!

The move came just in time, as I started the third year of my business degree only a week after we moved in! Luckily we are still in walking distance my University and Archer’s nursery too, which means for now we can live with only 1 car.

There is a lot to do to make our new (rented) house a home and this is something I’m hoping to document on here! As we are trying to save a lot of money to pay off various bits and pieces and eventually be in a position to get a mortgage we are trying to do a lot of our home-making on a budget , so I will probably focus on the budget side of this.

I have a few posts lined up and ready to get going, although whilst I still don’t have internet over the next week it won’t be full steam ahead for a little bit longer, I’m afraid.

I'm glad to be back and excited to be posting again!




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