Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Ben Nye Neutral Set Colorless Powder DUPE!




Hello everybody!

Today I have an exciting discovery to share with you all... a dupe of the Ben Nye Neutral Set Colorless Powder! Now this powder normally retails at around £6.50 for a small tub, or £12.50 for the large. It's not really expensive, but it's not a bargain either. It's not the easiest to get hold of, either. Unfortunately... the Dupe is a little bit hard to get your hands on as well... but now that E.L.F. are back online in the UK it can be yours in a few clicks! 

Now as far as E.L.F. goes, their High Definition Powder is actually at the pricier end of the spectrum with the RRP of £7.50, however if you're a savvy shopped like me, you'll know they run promotions all the time, so you can probably pick this up at a fraction of the price if you just wait for a promo code to land in your inbox. 

I love a translucent powder. I'm so pale that I think it's necessary to not make my foundation look patchy and weird. I picked the Ben Nye powder up at IMATS this year, and whilst I seem to have barely made a dent in it with frequent use, I'm still a little scared of using it up. So recently, I started to delve into my make up collection and found the long forgotten E.L.F. powder. I picked it up ages ago when they had their store in Cardiff, but for some reason never got around to giving it a go. 

I'm not into looking super-matte, but rather use these powders to set my undereyes and oily areas. I actually like to apply both, lightly, with a sponge. I feel like this moulds it better with the make up than with a brush and makes your base look a little more seamless. 

The only differences I can tell between these powders is that the E.L.F. one seem to be a little bit more finely milled... more like a bright white dust, than the Ben Nye which resembles more of a flour-y texture (okay, describing powders is weird - they both look a little bit like cocaine too, if that appeals to you). Despite being more finely milled, I think the E.L.F. powder is slightly more visible on the skin, but with good application you should be able to achieve seamless blending. 

OH, and let's not forget the elephant in the room. Ben Nye powders have the most annoying packaging ever. Guys at Ben Nye, can we sort this out please. You end up having to sort of dab a little bit into the lid and end up wasting loads / making a mess... So E.L.F. definitely win on the packaging front!

I'd love to know your translucent powder recommendations!




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