Saturday, 12 December 2015

Feeling Festive at The Celtic Manor!

So you may remember a few months ago I was invited to try the Summer Vintage Afternoon Tea which I reviewed here. I was lucky enough to be invited up again and this time I tried the Christmas Afternoon Tea! Considering how decadent the whole experience is, I think the price of the Afternoon Tea's is really pretty good - the packages start from £26! 

On this visit, I fell head over heels in love with The Celtic Manor. The place is just magical. The Christmas displays were lovely, and they even had activities on for the kiddies (although I didn't bring mine with me as he is perhaps just a little bit too crazy to enjoy a nice afternoon tea!). I'm desperate to stay there just to explore the place - it's huge! 

The Afternoon Tea started with a glass of mulled wine, followed by some savoury treats, sandwiches, cake and pastries and finally scones. To save me the job of reciting the menu, I took a photo of it for those of you who are interested! 

The experience is one I would describe as 'proper posh', which would normally make me feel a little bit out of place, but everyone is so welcoming and helpful that it is hard to feel that way here. They'll cater to your dietary requirements and we were hardly waiting any time before the first plate of food headed our way. You can have a box to take home any of the food you can't squeeze in too. 

Nothing beats a classic cucumber sarnie!

We had a plate EACH of this. Yum. 
As you can probably tell, this food is top notch - as you can only imagine from The Celtic Manor. I didn't grab a photo of the whole stack, but we had a plate EACH of all the festive goodies. So much time and care has obviously gone into each little treat on the plate. 

We were too stuffed for the scones... so we took them with us! 

How freaking cute is this train track going around the tree? I literally jumped for joy!

I would definitely recommend the Christmas Afternoon Tea, especially if you're struggling with a gift idea for someone then this would make a great treat. Or even just out for a date! It will definitely get you in the festive spirit, that's for sure! 



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