Sunday, 7 February 2016

How I Lost my FOUR STONE of Baby Weight!

I would firstly like to point out that I am OKAY with the fact I gained weight during my pregnancy. It's normal and your body's way of naturally storing fat for feeding your little one when they arrive. I was so okay with it that I did an absolutely cracking job at it. I ate very healthy foods most of the time during my pregnancy and still did exercise, mostly in the form of walking and the occasional bit of antenatal yoga or swimming. But I was also napping a LOT, not moving around as much as I used to and was eating for two. Aaaaand the weight piled on...

At full term, I was actually 4 stone heavier than I am now. I'm pretty sure most medical practitioners would tell you this is excessive, but as long as you feel (and are) healthy, then who cares? Let the pregnant lady eat cake, I say!

40 weeks pregnant / 6 weeks postpartum

I didn't really weigh myself pre-pregnancy, but at 14 weeks I was 9st 4lbs and this crept up to 12st 7lbs at my largest when I was full term. I now fluctuate around the 8st 7lbs mark.

 I don't actually think the weight gain was all that noticeable when I was pregnant, probably due to that lovely pregnant 'glow' you apparently get and the fact that you're still getting 8 hours sleep a night, albeit uncomfortably. I felt huge because of my baby bump, but not because of the rest of me.

Post-birth however, I felt like a whale. A big saggy whale with this weird spongy tummy and 1000 stretch marks and 7 chins. In fact, there are NO photos of me post birth. I was adamant about this... I'm regretting it now, as I would love to see how far I've come. The best photo I can find it me 6 weeks later, before the bulk of my weight loss.

I was by no means in amazing shape 6 months down the line, and I think it would be unrealistic to expect washboard abs to appear anytime soon, but I had managed to slim down substantially. My belly was still causing me a bit of grief, but I think about 10 months down the line it had slimmed down completely.

6 months postpartum

SO, back to the title of this post... how did I lose my baby weight?

The most obvious start to your weight loss is popping out a baby and all the other gunk that goes with it. This brought my weight down to somewhere in the region of 11st - 11st 7lbs.

I would firstly like to mention that whilst breastfeeding does burn calories, this doesn't necessarily mean you'll lose weight. I breastfed for 4 months and was back in the gym by 6 weeks post-partum. I lost hardly any weight despite the fact I was burning so many calories, because I was still eating for two! It is strongly advised that you don't diet whilst breastfeeding, as your little one needs to get the most nutrition they can from you, so whilst I was still eating healthy meals, I was still consuming a lot of calories.

I'm convinced that my hormones played a big role in my weight loss. When I stopped breastfeeding Archer, my body went into full on hormonal break-down. Cue more morning sickness, napping, crying etc. It was during this month that, alongside adjusting my diet to being more low-cal, that I dropped the bulk of my baby weight.

I'll start off by saying I never followed a 'proper' diet. Instead I just cut some things out of my diet, and tried to eat less things that were obviously bad for me. I did still, however, treat myself to a bit of chocolate or pudding every evening and the occasional 'cheat' meal.

I did cut the following from my diet;

These are all things that don't really 'agree' with me, so it made sense for me to cut them out and it worked for me.

N.B. I have never cut carbs. I freaking love carbs.

I've always been a busy Mum. I went back to uni when Archer was 4 months old which meant I was always on the go. I've always been very into walking too, whether that be taking long walks with the pram or just walking my commute to and from Uni. I found being 'busy' helped me to regulate my meal times, stop me snacking and burnt off some extra calories.

I'm glad I know now for when I have my next child, that I won't look 4 months pregnant forever, and that the hundreds of stretch marks I got will fade to be barely noticable eventually, and that eventually I'll probably even be in better shape than I was before. At the time it felt like an unbeatable mission to get myself back in shape, but stressing about it less really was key. It will all come together eventually, and no one is expecting a new Mum to bust out a bikini body anytime soon.

Everybody's different, and will lose weight in different ways and at different paces, this is just my experience of baby weight loss.

I'd love to know your thoughts on losing baby weight.


Wednesday, 3 February 2016

My Leesa Mattress Experience

I love sleeping. I love being comfy in general. I don't like being jabbed in the side with the pokey springs of my slightly-too-old mattress. So when Leesa got in touch and asked if I would like to review their iconic mattress, which has taken the US by storm and has recently made it's way over to the UK, I jumped at the opportunity!

I have never owned, or even tried a memory foam mattress before. I do suffer from lower back pain quite frequently from doing a lot of sitting at desks, so I as eager to see whether this mattress could help with that, too. Apparently, many memory foam mattresses can get too hot, however this mattress has three rather sophisticated layers of foam and ventilation which means hot sweaty nights can be avoided! (I'm no mattress scientist, but their website explains it pretty well here).

I've been testing it out for over a month now, so I thought it was finally time to share my thoughts on here!
Some seriously clever vacuum-packing skills from the Leesa guys!

When the mattress arrived vacuum packed into a tiny box I was sure they must have sent me the wrong size. How was it so small?! Alas, they had managed to fold the mattress in half, and half again and vacuum pack it down - so much more eco-friendly and a LOT easier to move, especially up the stairs! 

I unpacked my mattress and lay it flat for a while - over the course of about 12 hours or so it slowly expanded back to it's normal size. It does have a slight 'packaging' smell, but this only lasts a few days and isn't unpleasant. 

Expanding back to it's full size.

Now, on to the important bit. How did I sleep? At first I was apprehensive. I was so used to sprung mattresses that the slight 'sink' that I got when I lay down on this felt a bit too unfamiliar. After lying down for 10-15 minutes or so though, I realised that my body really warmed up to the mattress. It's kind of like a little full body hug which gets more comfy the longer you're there. 

I also found that it makes me fidget less because it's physically harder to wriggle about on, which means I end up sleeping a lot better (toddler permitting) than I usually would have done, just because I'm keeping still. 

Another bonus for me from using this, is that I don't suffer from the hip pain that I used to with my old mattress. I realise this may make me sound like an OAP, but I'm a side sleeper with quite bony hips, so I used to find the springs quite uncomfortable here. So much so that during my pregnancy I slept on an airbed for a while because I simply couldn't stand it. Now I can sleep on my sides with no issues!

For my back pain? Well... that's persistent and probably won't really go away until I find better chairs or switch my lifestyle up. I do find that I'm waking up without pain there though, so it must be helping somehow.

What do you guys think of the Leesa mattress? Do you fancy one?




Tuesday, 2 February 2016

A Very Poorly Week...

Hi Guys,

Sorry I missed last Sunday and Wednesday's posts.... It's been a bit of a dramatic week for me!

I've been really unwell. I hate even having a cold if I think it's going to bring me down and make me unproductive, so being fit with full force with a serious case of illness was really not what I had hoped for the week.

I had an annoying back ache last week. On Friday night, Glenn and I drove up to London to visit my friend.. My back pain at least tripled during the car journey and when I arrived I was in agony and a total party pooper. A couple of Co-Codamol's later and all was forgotten, I was ready to hit London! After making the most of the toddler-free morning ahead of me and rolling in at 2am, I ate some pizza, drank some water and toddled off to bed. No less than 2 hours later I woke up in a freezing chill, and so began a long night of vomiting / hot flushes / chills and above all a ferocious temperature!

The following day was a little easier as we headed back home, but we knew something was up and suspected a kidney infection. The out-of-hours GP was too busy, so we embarked on another night of vomit, chills and sweat.

The next morning, we managed to get an emergency GP appointment at 9am. He diagnosed me pyelonephritus, or a kidney infection, prescribed me some heavy duty antibiotics and off I went.

Unfortunately this was all probably a little too late, I was vomitting up my meds and dreadfully dehydrated. After returning to the GP at 4pm, I was admitted to hospital for IV antibiotics and fluids.

I ended up staying in the hospital until Wednesday. My stay was.... insightful. I shared my bedroom with 3 elderly Welsh ladies and one of them was really hilarious. She kept complaining about everything and anything, told me off for not eating my dinner and kept telling the nurses how to do their jobs. She was in for a cut on her ear and had been told she could be discharged, but she wasn't having any of it - she needed the nurses to attend to her ear's every need!

 I had hardly seen Archer the week before, so I missed him so much. Visiting hours were short-lived and it was difficult to keep him still in a hospital ward full of exciting and breakable things, so I didn't get to see much of him whilst I was there either.

I'm now back at work / uni and trying to recover from missing a week off life as a very busy person...

Bear with me for the next few days whilst I get back on my feet!