Wednesday, 3 February 2016

My Leesa Mattress Experience

I love sleeping. I love being comfy in general. I don't like being jabbed in the side with the pokey springs of my slightly-too-old mattress. So when Leesa got in touch and asked if I would like to review their iconic mattress, which has taken the US by storm and has recently made it's way over to the UK, I jumped at the opportunity!

I have never owned, or even tried a memory foam mattress before. I do suffer from lower back pain quite frequently from doing a lot of sitting at desks, so I as eager to see whether this mattress could help with that, too. Apparently, many memory foam mattresses can get too hot, however this mattress has three rather sophisticated layers of foam and ventilation which means hot sweaty nights can be avoided! (I'm no mattress scientist, but their website explains it pretty well here).

I've been testing it out for over a month now, so I thought it was finally time to share my thoughts on here!
Some seriously clever vacuum-packing skills from the Leesa guys!

When the mattress arrived vacuum packed into a tiny box I was sure they must have sent me the wrong size. How was it so small?! Alas, they had managed to fold the mattress in half, and half again and vacuum pack it down - so much more eco-friendly and a LOT easier to move, especially up the stairs! 

I unpacked my mattress and lay it flat for a while - over the course of about 12 hours or so it slowly expanded back to it's normal size. It does have a slight 'packaging' smell, but this only lasts a few days and isn't unpleasant. 

Expanding back to it's full size.

Now, on to the important bit. How did I sleep? At first I was apprehensive. I was so used to sprung mattresses that the slight 'sink' that I got when I lay down on this felt a bit too unfamiliar. After lying down for 10-15 minutes or so though, I realised that my body really warmed up to the mattress. It's kind of like a little full body hug which gets more comfy the longer you're there. 

I also found that it makes me fidget less because it's physically harder to wriggle about on, which means I end up sleeping a lot better (toddler permitting) than I usually would have done, just because I'm keeping still. 

Another bonus for me from using this, is that I don't suffer from the hip pain that I used to with my old mattress. I realise this may make me sound like an OAP, but I'm a side sleeper with quite bony hips, so I used to find the springs quite uncomfortable here. So much so that during my pregnancy I slept on an airbed for a while because I simply couldn't stand it. Now I can sleep on my sides with no issues!

For my back pain? Well... that's persistent and probably won't really go away until I find better chairs or switch my lifestyle up. I do find that I'm waking up without pain there though, so it must be helping somehow.

What do you guys think of the Leesa mattress? Do you fancy one?




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